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The information is provided as is, it is material gathered from various sources. Sierra Beekeepers is not responsible for any mistakes, mishaps, problems arising from following any information here. Please follow directions carefully and use common sense. We have tried to insure no copyrighted material is posted here. If you are the publisher or author of some copyrighted material and you don' want it provided here, please use the contact form and we will take proper actions.

Development of a pollen substitute meeting the nutritional needs of honey bees 13-004 Fat Bees Skinny Bees - a manual on honey bee nutrition for beekeepers 05-054
Field Trials to Test Supplementary Feeding Strategies for Commercial Honey Bees 07-119 Grease Patties 2010
Honey Bee Nutrition Supplementary Feeding Honeybee Nutrition Review of research and practices
Bee Hive Journal Bee fondant candy and recipes Bee Hive Journal Bee Fondant instructions in detail
Bee Hive Journal Bee Grease Patty Mix Recipe Bee Hive Journal Bee sugar syrup feed recipe
Bee Hive Journal Entrance or boadman style feeder